Reflections on How Reality Is Made

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intro to…These forces are not filling up the empty space of the chart as much as they are creating the fabric of the chart itself. Without conflicting forces, there would literally be no price whatsoever, and therefore no chart to examine.
These forces are very real, and as they interact they create the price we see. Imagine no downward forces: price would rise to infinity which would mean you could never sell as no one has that money. End result? Stock is worthless as it cannot be traded. No upward forces? Same result. Worthless stock.
The only reason price exists is because upward and downward forces are in constant conflict. In any system of conflict, lines of turbulence emerge, battle lines between disparate forces. Without this constant conflict, systems such as these lack balance and will eventually fail. If you’re long, thank a short.

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Trading Channels and Wedges
Fall Channels and Peak Resistance
Control Lines and The Eye of Sauron.

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