About This Place

Hi. I’m Jon. I’ll be your host here at

the kitten is cute and dangerous.You can find any chart I’ve done by typing its ticker into the search field in the left sidebar of the page. If I have a cheap chart for that stock, it will show up in the results. Charts generally include some commentary, so there won’t be lots of text here to read, except on the charts. There may be exceptions, but I try to include everything right inside the chart.
Sometimes I might actually write an article when there is more to say than can fit on the chart. Those will also show up in the search results.

Titles will always begin with the ticker for the stock, ie., “BLDP” or “MNKD” or “F”. After the ticker I may include some snarky remark about the chart like “Skittish”, which I hope generally describes the particular chart. Some charts may have no descriptors included. But they all will include a date code based on the date I drew the chart. For instance, “50114” would refer to May 1st, 2014. So if you want a chart for a specific date, you just search for that date. If there’s a chart, it will be in the results. Charts are displayed from oldest to newest so you can view each series as it develops.

Never trade your money based on my work or any work that is not your own. You should look at these charts for entertainment purposes only. You want a reason? How’s this: CHEAPCHARTS™ looks at price and price action over time. Usually there is absolutely zero other technical indicators and zero fundamental analysis. How can you possibly make a good choice trading without that information? This is not to say I consider these charts to be worthless. I do not and in fact, combined with other due diligence I use them heavily in my investment and trading decisions. I’m just saying, do your own work. Never rely on me or anyone else to interpret the market. We are wrong, all of us, lots of times.

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